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Swanson & Youngdale Testimonial

Swanson and Youngdale

"The last year on PeerAssist has really allowed us to manage our requests for extra work with more efficiency."
Chris Swingley, Project Manager
Swanson & Youngdale

Before PeerAssist
Prior to PeerAssist, we were using a traditional paper-based system. we always seemed to struggle with having documents properly executed, obtaining customer signatures, and simply having the paperwork get back into the office in a timely manner. These issues led us to seek out a digital solution and we found PeerAssist.

Why PeerAssist?
"The PeerAssist team is the best I've ever worked with and the training has been excellent", says Chris Swingley.

Chris Swingley cites the overall ease of use, the layout was easy for getting the field and office on board. The ease of initiating a field work order from the field or from the office is seamless. We like being able to get authorization by eSignature or by an email approval helps our teams. The visibility of all our closed tickets across all teams and projects helps extensively. PeerAssist provides us with a tool to dramatically shorten the lifecycle of a field work order ticket resulting in a quicker response for contract change orders. Our customers have been impressed with the quality and professionalism with the documentation of the extra work we are asked to do.

About Swanson & Youngdale
In 1946, the partnership of Swanson & Youngdale was formed with a handshake. The company foundation Vern Swanson established runs deep—fueling the company's growth even to this day. From their very first job painting a house, to painting U.S. Bank Stadium and beyond, Swanson & Youngdale has never strayed from its relentless commitment to quality—always striving to be the best.

Vern’s philosophy – work hard and treat those around you the way you would like to be treated – was simple, yet effective.

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