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                  2 min read

                  SiteForms: Uniting the Field and Office

                  Featured Image

                  PeerAssist, the construction industry’s partner in digital transformation, continues to lead in the field-to-mobile applications. Its founders hail from inside the industry, considering themselves construction execs first, technologists second, which is why they have designed products such as their latest, SiteForms, to help companies become faster, more agile and profitable, uniting field and office operations.

                  Using the right software for digital transformation can bring all the benefits of going paperless if it’s intuitive for users to access. The right tools ensure the transition to cloud based operations will go smoothly. And locating an app that isn’t just useful now, but that will remain useful for a long time is critical, which is why PeerAssist’s SiteForms are fully customizable. The library of existing forms allows new adopters to hit the ground running, and to create new documents from scratch in minutes. Whether related to a project or an employee, SiteForms conform to each company’s parameters.

                  Going paperless allows companies to leverage technology in new and more efficient ways. Exchanging printed paper for digital documents isn’t new, of course, but technology has progressed, streamlining operations for all users on browsers, tablets, and smartphones with apps like PeerAssist, and point and touch tools like SiteForms.

                  Here’s a list of a few paperless features that SiteForms offers:
                  Electronic signature software – users can gather signatures on documents shared electronically, eliminating the need for physically recorded signatures. As electronic signatures arrive, the dashboard keeps track, allowing for quicker approval processes.

                  • Clear Communication – for having up-to-date, shared information available anywhere to unlimited numbers of users for a range of items:
                    • Documents
                    • Safety Forms
                    • Project Site Forms
                    • Schedules
                    • Budgets
                    • Change Orders
                    • Permits
                    • Backup: drawings, photos, field notes
                  • File Storage and Sharing Software – for cloud file storage and file sharing, greatly enhancing a range of functions, including:
                    • Project tracking
                    • Data mining to analyze past performances and create projections
                    • Documentation with either off-the-shelf or customized forms, and data that is available during the project life cycle and beyond
                    • Going Paperless Isn’t Hard

                  At this point, most companies need to toss out the project binders, manual field reports and change orders. Paper might be excellent if you’re in a position where government regulations require you to store documents. Otherwise, ditching paper may be one of the most important steps your company takes today to prepare itself for the next stage of growth.

                  If determined to go paperless, a company can phase in new tools and create the digital forms that serve them the best. Over time, getting rid of rote tasks like scanning, faxing, scanning, mailing, and more saves time and money. Besides, paper is one of the largest generators of air and water pollution. When combined with COVID-19, these dual crises have accelerated the need for innovation. For construction companies ready to say goodbye to paper for good, SiteForms provides an affordable and approachable tool