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Decker Electric Revamps Material Purchasing with PeerAssist’s PCS (Purchasing Control System)

PeerAssist, a leading provider of construction technology productivity software helps construction companies like Decker Electric with our purchasing control system to deliver a more effective and cost-saving tool for contractors looking to improve the material ordering process and maximize profitability.

In construction, especially during these challenging times, contractors can’t afford bottlenecks within any workflow that prevents efficiency or hinders the ability to control costs and impact the bottom line. Successful contractors understand that the material purchasing process is critical and can help contractors to stay within budget and maintain/improve profitability on construction projects. Whether the construction project is large or small, construction material purchasing must be timely, accurate, ensure the best pricing, and executed with precision. Without a system in place, contractors risk huge profits being missed and can encounter costly impact during the material ordering process. The material purchasing process often lacks controls for this highly tedious process.

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Ruben Cortez, Sr. Purchasing Agent for Decker Electric says  PCS is very structured and easy to use, allows us to compare pricing, offers many helpful reports such as the material cost report that helps us close out a job effectively, and the PeerAssist team is their best quality.

Theresa Jutagir, Chief Product Officer, for PeerAssist says “We love helping contractors to solve problems – it’s in our DNA. We work alongside our construction customers to understand their needs at a much deeper level and optimize the process wherever possible. PCS is battle-tested and has been shaped by many elite contractors in the industry who had experienced the same problem. We strive to not only help but to leave a lasting positive impact on our peers by maximizing their software investments. PCS is no different and is tailored to our customer’s construction workflow requirements.”

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