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The PeerAssist tools help contractors to streamline several construction workflow processes typical burdened by manual processes without disrupting current technologies in your operation. 

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COVID-19, We Are All In This Together!

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By now, you may be getting tired of news of business closures and reactions to the Coronavirus.  We aim to provide something of value as we reach out to wish all our construction peers with a heartfelt reminder to stay safe, as always, but especially during such unpredictable times.  

Here is a resource we’ve been monitoring to see the impact of the Coronavirus worldwide, even down to the state level within the United States.

There are varying degrees of severity for how people are feeling about the virus with some hunkering down for extended periods of time whereas others who shun the recommendations and continue to go partying in public places.  Whichever lane you sit in, we wish for you to remain safe and your friends and family to remain clear of this awful virus.  Any way you look at COVID-19, it’s impacting all of us, and our commonality is what brings a reminder to look out for one another as humans.  Practicing good hygiene, unfortunately, shouldn’t take a pandemic to be the reminder so many people need.  

“I know many of us may be able to weather the storm, but what concerns me is who we may end up passing it onto, like our parents, grandparents, friends/family with health conditions, etc. That is what I feel a lot of people might be missing.  We are in this together and we will beat it if we all fight together.  As a construction software company, we are trying to do our part by pulling back from industry events like INTEX 2020, before the event eventually canceled. We are seriously concerned about the well-being of our own team as well as our construction peers. Rather than sending our team into dangerous situations, getting infected, and consequently passing it onto friends, family, and to construction peers we love and respect, we have set strict employee guidelines to have our teams work remotely to help contribute to our community’s efforts to contain the virus.  We are all in this together!, says Jerad Ferrell, CMO at PeerAssist.