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COVID-19 Get Ready for New Ways of Working and Doing Business: Reopening Construction Job Sites

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Reopening Construction Job Sites 

Coronavirus is transforming the construction industry. It has shut down projects, strained resources, and supply chains, and intensified the rush to incorporate new technology into the office and on the job site. Many of these disruptions will be temporary. Some could become permanent, long after we have a vaccine or herd immunity.

Rethinking How We Work in COVID 19

Now is a time to consider what kind of company you want to be going forward, and how to invest in building back with vision and resilience.

For an industry in which worker safety and health have always been top of mind, on the one hand, the coronavirus is another new safety problem to solve. On the other hand, reopening begs some critical questions: What behaviors need to change on the people’s side? Who will come back to the job site or office, and under what circumstances? How does construction in which working together is second nature adapt to being socially distanced? While technology in a/e/c has been very fragmented, how can we use it to invest in and implement solutions immediately to tackle new safety requirements?

We know that there are many issues to consider as we reopen job sites, and we strive to minimize the costs and potential productivity loss. 

We have prepared this checklist to help you make ready for reopening your job site. We wish you continued success as we face these unprecedented times.

Stay safe, and stay tuned for further blogs as we go forward to meet the challenges of Covid-19.