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Learn in a few minutes how PeerAssist can help support your company's growth with a versatile and easy-to-use platform to build your operational construction technology foundation on. 


The Field suite is packed with functionality to handle all your field construction form templates from any device. Explore any of our Field capabilities below and remember that you can build unlimited construction forms of your own. 


The Project Management suite helps self-perform contractors to manage complex construction-specific processes like T&M Tracking & Management for out-of-scope work, Change Order Requests, and tracking Service Work. 


The Procurement suite connects what is often a disjointed process where the field and office turn to tools that are cumbersome and not connected resulting in highly inefficient steps to ensuring materials are ordered in an optimal manner and that crews have materials onsite when needed.  Procurement gives self-perform contractors and end-to-end solution for total control of your procurement process. 

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Capture All Your Profit from Extra Work

Capture all profit from T&M for extra work

As a contractor, you know what's coming as soon as your project starts...changes start coming in. Many contractors utilize a tag-book / ticket-book of physical paper forms that capture and track the extra work, but a major problem is the profit that you're leaving behind by doing it manually or without a field change order solution.

Change orders come with a certain level of frustration in the industry with people within the construction industry.  Some owners feel they are being charged for every little thing, some contractors wonder if they should absorb the cost to avoid a negative impression in their market, some specialty trades don't want to upset their GCs, but overall, not many can argue that it's not fair to simply be compensated for the extra work that was requested that was outside the scope of the original contract.  

We don't believe that a contractor who is asked to perform extra work should have to give their services away or absorb costs for which they are rightfully entitled per the contract.  To the contrary, charging for valid items goes without saying from an ethical standpoint.  

One aspect of extra work that escapes many contractors is outright missed by contractors wherein they don't capture many items from the extra work to the extent they should be.  Often times, equipment rental, parking, masks, water, stock/scrap, and supervision are often missed. When all these items are considered, a considerable amount of money is absorbed by the contractor performing the extra work, on average to the tune of $200 per extra work ticket / tag.  PeerAssist heard from a great case study of a contractor who deeply analyzed their improvement and that contractor found the holy grail of value for their investment with 5,000 tickets/tags annually at an average of $200 not given away, which resulted in $1M+ of cost that would have otherwise been absorbed. 

What would you do with an additional $1M of profit that you had earned?  

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Capture all profit from T&M for extra work

Capture All Your Profit from Extra Work

As a contractor, you know what's coming as soon as your project starts...changes start coming in. Many contractors utilize a tag-book / ticket-book...

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