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News about PeerAssist Products, our Company, and the Industry.


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NWCB (Northwest Wall and Ceiling Bureau) 2019 Conference was a Great Event.

Thank you NWCB for putting on a very nice event that allowed exhibitors and attendees to connect and learn about offerings available in the market that can help in their businesses.  A special thank you goes to Jeff Sample with JBKnowledge...

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Digital Workflows Reduce Paperwork and Shorten Timeframes.

On an American tunnel project with over 60 suppliers and subcontractors, McKinsey & Company reported that by digitizing its content sharing, “the team saved up to 20 hours of staff time (per week).” McKinsey’s report also cited a $5.1 billion...

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R.L. Reppert Saves Hundreds of Hours on Extra Work by Using PeerAssist.

R.L. Reppert Project: West Hills Business Center.

Mr. Reppert learned that he could address the bottleneck of a historically manual process for managing extra work and that the ROI was significant. 

Fast-forward to after PeerAssist ...

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California Drywall Generates $1M in Extra Profit by Using PeerAssist.

California Drywall Project: Uber 5th Floor.

Steve Eckstrom, Owner of California Drywall, shares a bit of history with how extra work has been handled in construction by contractors. 

Through this short history lesson, Mr....

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3 Tips to Increase Efficiency in Your Field Operations by Going Digital.

 The Industry 

Construction is one of largest and most complex industries ($10 trillion annual revenues on a global basis). Playing catch up with new technology can seem like more trouble than it’s worth, but the numbers prove otherwise....

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