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3 Tips to Increase Efficiency in Your Field Operations by Going Digital.

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 The Industry 

Construction is one of largest and most complex industries ($10 trillion annual revenues on a global basis). Playing catch up with new technology can seem like more trouble than it’s worth, but the numbers prove otherwise. According to Boston Consulting Group, “digitalization will lead to huge annual cost savings…(10% to 17%) in the operations phase.” 

 The Challenge 

As most owners will tell you, there are challenges to integrating technology at the jobsite.  Manual processes seem tried and true. This is an industry with tight margins and that’s under intense time pressure. Unless benefits are tangible, it’s easy to fall back on traditional ways of operating.  

The Benefits

Embracing apps such as PeerAssist’s Field Work Order (FWO) to streamline operations and improve data collection and collaboration, companies can ensure their long-term competitiveness 

Owners and executives that foster technology adoption are much more likely to meet their large growth objective. A recent report by KPMG notes: “As projects become larger and more complex… precision and speed of information delivery and data collection are essential.” 

Here are three tips to drive technology adoption in field operations so that your firm can reap the benefits of better data collection and collaboration throughout a complex project: 

  • Tip 1: Improve accuracy in the field.

    The job site is where technology meets the practical field test. Even using one piece of a software program such as Peer Assist’s FWO can pay off right away. The extra work of getting authorizations, documenting, and tracking change orders is much easier in FWO, and simple enough for anyone to adopt. The team collects field changes and shares them in real time. Authorizations are managed in the software, reducing time and energy spent using multiple forms from suppliers, subcontractors, architects and others. 

  • Tip 2: Eliminate paper with an integrated tablet app.

    serfriendly apps like FWO are more accessible and shareable than paper.  Keeping the team connected drives better communication and streamlines decision making with immediate tangible benefits.

  •  Tip 3: A commitment to digitization will improve the bottom line.

    One of the biggest complaints from the field is how slow it is to get approvals or track changes out-of-scope. The ability to communicate easily and quickly can minimize confusion and avoid cost increases that occur way too late in the game. More accurate reports, greater collaboration and faster turnaround all improve the bottom line.  


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